Worthington Park mural 6-17-17

Community Unity Arts had it's 2nd event of the season at Worthington park.
Kids who live in the neighborhood, who are also students with Drumpower; shared their positive vibe at our event. When I walked up with three dun duns, lent from Dominick, no one had to ask these kids to play. The beat started, as I placed the last drum down! These amazing kids, who are taught by Yorel Lashily, drummed for 3 hour straight! They kept the rhythm, even when newcomers tried to take over...it was their beat, their sounds, their vibe, that keep us in line with the rhythm of the day. Thank you some much drummers, you inspire all of us.

The heartbeat of the drums sent David Kelley, into his realm, a muralist, a seer, an artists that transcends our ideas, and helps shape them into to a visual piece that we can all understand; his vision is extraordinary. He shared and donated his day to work with the community, to be inspired and inspire on! Inspiration he did, he got about 35 people coming and going to create an eight foot by four foot mural, that will be hung at the Salvation Army. We will let you know when we go to hang the art piece. A neighborhood resident, Travis & a good friend of CUA, Neil, has offered their time to help us hang the piece in the up coming weeks.

The mural took on a many transformation; it started out as a cosmic landscape, and the many hands expressed what community meant to them...a heavy piece, a heavy task; that only one muralist was up for the challenge, to be able to transform hundreds of ideas, with thousands of fingers...creating...moving, & whirling into a tangible piece. There was seasoned artists & newcomers creating together along with a prodigy to be, our littlest one yet. He was about two and half years old; a true natural talent. David showed his passionate ways, which uplifts us to find our creativity. The sun was shining from the energy of the community to inspire creativity all around!

Unfolding and unfolding the mural grew... just as the rhythm held us there, the drums seemed to get louder, the intensity of time moving on, our adventure finding a current in time just the same; the mural nearing its end...a culmination of a long day. The transformative shift occurred, a revolutionary message was told. A message, we all forget sometimes? This community of artists didn't need to be told what to paint, they had a shared message; to them, community meant love

We love sharing our time with in the community, your faces and creativity is what inspires us to come out and learn from each of you. You all bring great voices in the community, you inspire us with your visions. Please come out and create more! Some great community leaders we saw: Chris & Eugene from the Brother's Aligned Coalition,; Eugene found a little rhythm with the young drummers. Jenny Green and Kenn stopped out, they took photos, and helped us clean up the paint! They are also the great folks who are revitalizing the WPNA neighborhood group & are also working on starting a farmers market in Worthington Park! Dominic DeSano from Meloz lent the dun duns. The Goodman Community Center helped out with supplying our dinner. And a whole bunch of volunteers who we never met before, just picked stuff up, without even asking. What a great community of folks.

We are looking forward to our next few events, and we won't be back in Worthington for a little while. We got the Lussier Center event this Friday; the James Reeb potluck on Saturday, & a Northside event still TBA. All of that before we are back in Worthington park at the Carts for Community on July 11th or 18th (originally we are scheduled for the 18th, but we may be filling in a week earlier to help out with programming) We are looking forward to seeing all the amazing people we got to connect with again...very, very soon! :)