What a beautiful Saturday we had for our first annual Playstomp!  Although the pop-up photo shoot kept our photographer Amanda Swan quite busy, there were lots of fun events, including cookie decorating, slime-making, face painting, tie-dyeing, silly yoga (and regular yoga!), and more!  We were wowed by Drum Power and guest breakdancer Sasha Vulovic (all the way from Detroit), and were able to be speed-clocked by officers of MPD to see how fast we could run - the top speed was 13 mph, by the way! 

This event was a beautiful display of the work Community Unity Arts has been doing in the Darbo-Worthington neighborhood, bringing neighbors and folks from around Madison together under the umbrella of creative expression and joyful celebration.  Check out our photos from the event here (and see if you can spot Madison Police Chief Mike Koval - hint: he looks like he just came down from the mountain!):