Upcoming events

Our events are free and open to the public. You can expect local artists at our event wandering around looking to engaging with you to help you move the paint brush, dance your feet, share a meal, chat, etc. Once this first barrier is broken down, the art flows! We had a successful event in May, in Worthington park. We had about 50 to 75 people show up; we went door to door the week before to ensure we would get good support. We collaborated with the Women of Worthington. We are returning June 17th to paint a mural with artist David Kelley. We are also taking photos, and a local artist reclaimed some wood, and made a wood frame for you to hang your pictures and cardson for fathers day.The Brothers Aligned Coalition , the Goodman Community Center, and the Fit Youth Initiative, are collaborating with us on this event.

On June 23rd, we will partner up with Susan Ramspacher at the Lussier Community Center, where Issis Macias will be guiding us along a mural adventure and other activities. The next day we will give a chat at the James Reeb Saturday Night Potluck. If time permits, we will conduct a small demonstration of a community art collaboration.

July is very busy for us; we will be connecting up with the Kennedy Heights and Vera Court neighborhoods. (park TBA July 15th). We are very excited to be apart of the Carts for Community event at Worthington Park. The Brothers Aligned Coalition invited us to participate on July 18th, 25th, August 1st & 8th. We will be helping with the art portion. And are excited to be collaborating with the Youth Counsel on this portion too. Other events are in the works, with details still being finalized.

Our big hurrah is a long shot...we are building up the suspense because our good friend Joel Pfiefer, is booked for a 3 month art show in Milwaukee & has so little time to help conduct a claystomp. And thats what we want to do. So everything has to fall in alignment for this to occur, a lot of work yet needs to be conducted.; city approval, the piece& theme decided on, & Joel finding time to help! And not to mention the actual stomp, fireing and installation!!! Yet, as he inspires us, we are inspiring him with our flowing community unity connections. We are ready to create, this special event; and to do so, we need the community to come together, & take our diverse perspectives to join hands, and create from our hearts. Come create with us...we are all artists.