Seed Peace is a project created by Joel Pfiefer. After the 2018 Claystomp at AtwoodFest, Some intential seeds were made. The intention which was put into each piece, was the energy of peace. As the pieces dried, Joel bisk fired them, to contain the energy that was created by the community. After the bisk firing the pieces were then brought to a pit; that was dug up days prior. The pieces where then placed in the bottom of the pit & wood was placed on top. The fire was lit, and the natural heat of the fire, gave them the color and shades they became. seedpeace01

Months later we brought this idea to an Ethics Class at a local community collage. With a new iteration of this project, we shared this with the students. We asked them to get their hands in the clay & pack it in three rectangle containers. We shared the story of where the clay had come from; 250 strangers coming together to transmute the outside world and transform their perspective in the collective energy of community unity. And now the gift of clay was in front of them; to create another creation from that orignal spark of energy. We asked them to dig deep, breath, and find an intention to bring into this world. The energy that they put into their seeds was then placed and carved into the three blocks of clay. We asked them to do this together, & help each other out and to bring awareness & impecability & todo the work in silence. One of three raw tiles. seedpeace02