Art in the park

This was our introduction to the neighborhood of Darbo/Worthingon in Madison, Wisconsin in 2017. We decided to show up to this park every week for an entire summer and offered free particapatory community created are, with who ever wanted to participate. We later connected up with local groups to offer more events. We learned how truly important community is, and this project really inspired the heart that is at the core of Community Unity Arts. More info coming. worthington-29


We have reached out to many local painters and have helped shape the community by creating art in large open spaces, where old fences or buildings were looking dingy & we helped liven up the area. More info coming.



This was a treasured event, and this idea of hosting one of our own, is the catalyst for starting Community Unity Arts. We conducted our first one in 2018 in Madison, Wisconsion. We had over 300 total strangers show up, to mix clay with their feet! We mixed over 2 tons of clay. We were able to share this clay with local community groups, non-profits and local artists.

in 2019 we also participated in the 30th aniversary a clay in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. More info coming.



We always want art to be free. And to help offset our costs, we offer workshops for people who can afford to do so, many classes have sliding scales. And these workshops are direct close experinces with man talented artists. Its a great way to learn a new skill, gain new friends, and in the process help others down the road have art offered to them for free. More info coming.


A youth project in 2019 that explored identity through differnt art mediums, for youths in the Madision, Wisconsin area. More info coming.


the impossible dreamers

A project to memorialize one of the coFounders of Community Unity Arts.

the impossible dreamers

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