The impossible dreamers sparked an idea together & Community Unity Arts was born. coFounders01

Carl Landsness a mischief maker, a wise elder, a friend, an inspirer… carl_and_joel_two_wise_elders

Here two wise elders are conducting magic in 2018 at AtwoodFest in Madison, WI. The two would kook at eachother. It seems like a mysterious language to many, but to the wise elders, it is a language conducted under pure intention of a connection with ones higherself. They share ones energy to those around. The magic makers this day, helped ensure 250 people, mixed with one another in laughter and play. With such a powerful movement in ones perception, all the people together helped create a great moment in time. This energy, then was transcended into the clay, and pieces were used in many pieces and projects around town. Checkout SeedPeace

Peace walk in the Worthington park neighborhood. Carl found his heart and shared it. We all created peace flags that day and walked in solidarity. carl_found_his_heart

When seeking solace to gain a new perspective, he would often seek nature, and urban nature at that. Many times little pukas would follow him around. This one stole his paddle and went underwater & swam away with it. carl_no_paddle

When little pukas do that, all we can do is ride the wave. carl_ride_the_wave02

And make our great escape! carl_and_therese01